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Bob & Ray WOR #201 Monday December 17, 1973

From a tape found behind the furnace while looking for ornaments and donated by B number 2, this is Monday, December 17, 1973. The Station I.D.'s, commercials and background Christmas weather chatter make this a pleasant episode.  There are a few wolf-hound howls during "The Gathering Dust" that may be from a station promotion. If you know otherwise, please correct the record.
 The Mary Backstayge feature has the family discussing their Christmas of the past.
 If you have a chance, please leave a review comment of how the heck you discovered "Bob and Ray for the Truly Desperate".


Reviewer: John Paul Mc - - December 28, 2013
Subject: Bob & Ray in Boston
Bob & Ray broadcast over WHDH Boston around noon, weekdays. In those days we kids went home from school for lunch. I would listen to them and many of my classmates did too. I also recall
hearing them on Armed Forces Radio while stationed
in Germany. I marveled at their wit and what seemed like adlibbing to me. Very clever.
I also saw them in person once in Boston when
they hosted a sports show, it was packed with kids and we loved them.
John McWilliams
Reviewer: jackwid - - December 22, 2013
Subject: Bob & Ray & nothing else
Am rebuilding a hard drive where I had this stuff before; a great little snippet from the vault or behind the furnace, Bob & Ray are the best! thanks for making it available!
Reviewer: Danny H. - - December 19, 2013
Subject: Thank you for these Bob & Ray gems!
I have all of the RadioArt Bob & Ray CDs, listened to them many times... It's very exciting to come here and find a whole new batch of shows I've never heard before! I found them by idly Googling for "bob and ray mp3". Thank you very much for posting these. I hope you can find more!
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on 12/8/2013